Metro is a major metropolitan rail system in Washington DC. It is funded by the Washington Metropolitan

The system has 117 stations and 105 miles of track, running east to west mainly along the banks of the Potomac River.

When it comes to design, Metro is a modernist-inspired typeface. It has geometric shapes, straight lines and sharp edges. The font was designed in the 80s by Swiss designer Walter Zoellner who was inspired by the Linotype font called Standard which was introduced in 1936.

With its boldness and flat design, Metro is an aesthetically pleasing typeface that is used in most parts of Germany to this day.

The Metro interface was designed to be easy to use. Users can take advantage of the customizability of the browser to change the color scheme, font type and size, tab options, and bookmarking just by dragging them into their preferred order.

With Metro users can quickly access information sources like Wikipedia or Google through a single click on the browser toolbar. This will save time by eliminating any need for other browsers or browser tabs. The first open tab will always be Google Search so that users never have to go back and find it again.

Users can organize tabs by dragging them around so they are in their preferred order making it easier to work with multiple documents at once. There are also shortcuts for quick access to frequently used tabs that are pinned at the top of the screen.