Metro is a French newspaper company which was founded in 1924

The company owns several newspapers including Metro, Metro International, Paris Match, Aujourd’hui en France, Auto Plus.

It has 6 printing sites located in France and employs 692 people.

Metro sells its products in two ways: through points of sale and distribution networks on the one hand and through online sales on the other.

The story of Metro began in 1867. The first store was opened on Oxford Street in London under the name “Woolworths”. It sold stationery, gifts, toys, and many other household products. Woolworths also included a lunch counter that served hot food.

The first Metro supermarket was opened in 1973 at the Willow Grove Park Shopping Center near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This signified a major change for Woolworths since they were now competing with supermarkets to sell groceries rather than general goods.

In 1999, Woolworths acquired the naming rights to the Metrosport stadium which they renamed as “Woolworths Stadium” for 10 years until 2010 when it reverted back to its original name “MetroSports Stadium” due to a new sponsorship

In 1928, Otto Tod Mallin opened a convenience store in the New York City borough of Brooklyn. Mallin’s was the first business to ever use the term “Mallin’s Quality Store” with their logo featured prominently.

Mallin’s Quality Stores was renamed to simply “Metro” in 1994 when it became a public company. Metro is now one of America’s leading convenience store operators with over 6,000 stores located in 11 states and Washington, D.C., Canada and Australia.